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Floral &  Design

One of the areas in which Mint Springs Farm shines is with our Floral Design Team. Our experienced Floral Designers are all about the creation of exquisite floral arrangements that enhance every event.  Whether you are looking for a luxurious take on natural beauty, loving trailing vines, textural berries, organic and deconstructed, or your look is structured elegance, we work with you to achieve your personal vision.

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Not only is delicious food the upmost of importance, the visual appeal of the food  is equal to our standard of excellence. Artfully displayed and beautiful color and texture create  a palette for your eyes as well as your appetite.

G Catering



Delicious and beautifully designed, handcrafted wedding cakes and desserts are created just for  you. These vendors make some of the finest sweets that will delight both you and your guests.

Dessert Designs

B. Sweets

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