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Jenna + Ryan / 9.28.18 / Part One

The first time I received wedding photos from Sowing Clover, I instantly fell in love. When I received these photos from Jenna and Ryan's wedding, also captured on the farm by Sowing Clover, I guess you can say that I fell even harder. In fact, I loved these photos so much that I had to split them into two separate blog features (part one today, part two will be premiering on Thursday!) just so that I could showcase all of my favorite moments. Part one primarily showcases the time spent getting ready, Jenna and Ryan's first look, bridal party photos, and dreamy detailed shots. Collecting these intimate moments are so important on any wedding day; they not only give you something to look back to, but they give you many candid moments in time that are free from pose and planning- you will have so many of those throughout your day. Before I say too much, enjoy browsing through the first part of this beautiful wedding feature and don't forget to check back in with us on Thursday morning for more!




Added photos from Jenna & Ryan's ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception will

be posted this Thursday at 8a as part two of this feature, right here on our blog.

Please check back in then. Cheers!

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