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Happy Memorial Day ::

Every year Americans gather to remember and honor the men and women who have come before us and given the ultimate sacrifice to our country. This year, while preparing for the holiday weekend at the farm, I started to wonder to myself what the history of Memorial Day really is and why we press pause on our lives to honor our patriots before us. So, I did what any good millennial would do and I googled it.

According to Writology, the history of Memorial Day goes back to the 19th century. People who lost their friends and relatives in the Civil War started to decorate the graves of their dead with flowers, wreaths, and flags. That is why the initial name of the holiday was Decoration Day. After World War I, all Americans adopted this remembrance tradition of the Southern states and devoted it to all those who died in any military action. We are honoring men and women who gave their lives for our country up to now. Most visit cemeteries to decorate the graves and pay homage to their dead. Many Americans spend Memorial Day getting together with their family for a picnic or sports event.

Well, now that we've shared the history of the day with you, we hope that you'll find a moment to press pause, and find a way to remember those Americans who came before us, giving their lives for all of the freedoms that we enjoy today. Happy Memorial Day!

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