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Favorite Photos :: A Moment For Mom

As we prepare to pamper the lovely ladies who made us who we all are today, I thought that there was no better time than the few days leading up to Mother's Day to showcase some of our favorite Mom captured moments. We're highlighting all of the smiles and the tears, the laughter, the dance moves, and the dresses. (Because you know Mom looked fly on your day-of!) And we're detailing the talented photographers behind each picture below, too! So, to all of the mother-of-the-bride's and groom's, grandmothers, aunts, step-moms, and every one in between who has relentlessly loved us and been responsible for this important motherly role in our lives, we say thank you. Happy (early) Mother's Day!

Photos by: Nathan Westerfield Lindsey Johnson Photography Juan & Angie Divine Images Mae Small SheHeWe Love is a Big Deal Teale Photography Marc Billingsley John Meyers Photography Gray Kammera Twila’s Photography Julie Paisley Caitlin Steve Matt Andrews

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