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Favorite Photos :: The Moment After 'You May Kiss Your Bride'

Most often at weddings, followed directly behind the phrase when the Groom is told that he may now kiss his Bride, the couple traditionally turns to face their guests to be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time. This moment is usually anticipated but also overshadowed by various other memories leading up this magical moment, like the the kiss or the couples walk back up the aisle. Today, instead of shoving this sweet little moment aside, I'm embracing it and celebrating it as if this were one of the most memorable of all wedding day moments because in my opinion it should be viewed as such. Here are a few of my personally favorite photos from one of my personally favorite moments- when forever really begins to unfold for the very first time.

Photos by: Lindsey Johnson Photography Greg + Jess Nathan Westerfield The Hatches Teale Photography Juan & Angie Brandon Chesboro High Five for Love Nyk + Cali SheHeWe Photography Sowing Clover Photography

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