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Vendors :: Gathering the Goods with G Catering

When it comes to creating innovative and tasteful catering, it's really hard to beat the wonderful chefs and their staff that we are fortunate to partner with week in and week out for weddings and special events at the farm. And one of those very special friends (and vendors) is Guy Haskins + his whole team from G Catering. They are a popular catering option for our clients, and they always come highly recommended. From creating stack-on-stack salads and fresh tomato tartars, to reinventing Nashville style Hot Chicken bites on crackers, there's always something new and delicious on the menu. Aside from just wanting to show this v special vendor some love, we also wanted to showcase a few more photos from Monday's post. Photographed by Red Hare Photography, here are some of the yummiest photos that we've seen in awhile. Warning: prepare to be hungry. Enjoy!

Salads + Starters ::

Bites ::

Biscuits + Sides ::

Meats ::

Late Night Snacks ::

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