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Styling :: Blooming & Bohemian

It never fails that right around springtime I'm consumed with the idea of effortless, whimsical, bridal style that is every bit bohemian as the bride herself. Boho weddings incorporate an eclectic mix of natural, rustic, and vintage details into the design. The bohemian wedding trend isn't going anywhere, anytime soon, and the proof is in the photos below. These effortlessly beautiful ideas, which incorporate elements of nature along with a certain romanticism and individuality. In the fashion world, bohemian style, also known as boho-chic has come to mean free-spirited and draws influences from hippie culture. Bohemian brides and grooms can embrace the theme fully, through everything from their fashion (hello, airy dresses and flower crowns!) to their décor (think colorful textiles and cascading bouquets) or subtly, by selecting simple touches here and there. Get inspired by these creative boho-chic wedding ideas sourced from real celebrations. If you're looking for a bohemian-themed inspiration for your day-of, be sure to check out some of our favorite, free spirited bohemian styles below.

The Hatches

Love is a Big Deal

Teale Photography

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