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Design :: The Trendiest Pink Tone

If you're anything like me then you can never get enough of all of the pretty pink hues either! For this feature, I'm focusing on one gorgeous shade in particular: millennial pink This trendy color will look good on absolutely anyone and we've seen bridal party members thrilled to float down the aisle in this stunning shade. And if that's not enough of a win-win, take note: it's so easy to take this soft hue and mix and match with other colors and textures to create a light and airy palette, perfect for a summer soirée. Until the warmer weather arrives, we suggest spending some time perusing this lovely post, and then sharing your thoughts on this color trend with us in the comments below.


Lindsey Johnson Photography

Mae Small

Gray Kammera

Alex Thorton

Davis Camp

Juan and Angie

Teale Photography

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