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Details :: Secretly Sentimental

We all know that wedding trends come about as quickly as they go every year, with each passing season and social media moment. While the farm has seen so many crazes fizzle out over time, there has been one that we're glad has stood the test of time: hidden messages. I'm not only describing the sentimental gesture of sowing a piece of your dads old button up into the shape of a heart in the lining of your dress. I'm also talking about the unmentioned memorials that are often tucked away in a bouquet or carved inside of a piece of the brides jewelry, embroidered into the grooms suit jacket, or even sweet words sown onto a pair of socks for your day-of. This Thursday I'm graciously giving you all the feels in this detailed feature with all of the picture perfect photographers mentioned below. Grab your tissues for this enjoyable yet emotional roller coaster in the gallery of photos below..!


~ Ethereal embroidery.

~ To have and to hold heirlooms.

~ Must haves for men.

~ Jewelry and gems for your girls.

Nathan Westerfield

SheHeWe Photography

The Hatches

Divine Images

Alex Thorton

Teale Photography

Juan & Angie

Davis Camp

Greg and Jess Photography

Julie Paisley Photography

Sowing Clover Photography

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