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Design :: Decoration Inspiration for a V Special Valentine's Day


It's officially February 1st! While we're excited to finally be moving out of the month of January, we're steadily slipping into the month of love. And not because we don't love celebrating love, obvs, but because cupid hasn't hit us with the right decoration inspiration arrow for our own v special celebration. Traditionally, February 14 isn’t one of those holidays you’d think to decorate with Valentine’s Day prints or all things festive (looking at you, Christmas). But if you’re anything like us, when there’s an opportunity to get creative and crafty, you do just that.


This year, be sure to sprinkle some extra X's and O's on top of your style to give your space a little bit of oomph for cupid’s arrival. Your cutie will know you mean business with the romantic tablescape you've set for that at-home V-Day dinner date, or at least you’ll excite your ladies for that Galentine’s Day party you’re throwing. We've rounded up some of our favorite real life wedding elements sure to inspire all of your heart-shaped holiday decor below..!

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Love Notes ::

Writing a note to someone special on Valentine's Day is not only one of the most genuine expressions of love left in the world, but it's also one of the most underrated gifts of all time. Take a moment this Valentine's Day to write a note to someone that you care about, and reread some of the notes that you've been given over the years as well. For couples this can include personal vows or the vows you said to one another at your wedding!

Floral & Flowers ::

Valentine's Day is not the day that you want to slip on showing your loved ones that you're thinking of them- whether that’s your significant other, dad, grandma, or friend. You can do way better than chocolates and flowers from the grocery store. Plus, flowers are really hard to mess up and unfailingly result in a smile.

Set the Table ::

Whether you're setting a table for two or hosting a Valentine's Day soirée, setting the table is the best place to start. Think soft linens, delicate flatware and serving pieces, wine glasses and water carafes, and don't forget the most important tabletop element of all: candles. It's true, you can never have too many candles. Keep the lighting low and set a dramatic mood from the moment dinner begins. Pop the bubbly and let the celebration begin!

Something Sweet ::

Creating your own decadent dessert sideboard can make any Galentine's Day gathering feel fancy af.

Personalize the Space ::

Include details such as personal photos, keepsakes, genuine guest favors, and remember when memorabilia as a part of your decor. These personal pieces will not only make your someone special feel, well special, but it also allows you to personalize your decor with pieces from either that special person or the many special people in your life that you're spending Valentine's Day with.


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