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Favorite Photo Feature | Here comes the bride..

We're baaack!.. With our popular blog series that features some of our favorite photos from some of our favorite memories on the farm. As a friendly reminder, this special series will feature some of the sweetest, most sentimental, laugh out loud moments, as well as family photos, first looks, dance floor moves, those few minutes right before the Bride walks down the aisle, and everything in between. We hand select each photo in the series to not only highlight these memorable moments, but will also showcase the incredibly talented photographers that we're lucky enough to partner with week to week.


This months favorite photo features is one of the most exciting, nerve wrenching, heart pounding, never-forget-even-if-you-tried moments. The moment when our old church bells sound, our sliding barn doors begin to move, family and friends stand in celebration, and the moment when that familiar song begins to play. Dun, dun, dun-dun.. You know the one I'm talking about, right? This is the moment that you grow up dreaming about, the moment that you obsess over, the moment that makes all of the planning worth it. The moment when the Bride begins her walk down the aisle. It's as memorable as it sentimental, and we've got some of the sweetest photos below to prove it. Grab a tissue + browse through the gallery below..

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