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Favorite Photos :: With this ring, I thee wed..

As we move closer to the holiday season, also known for being one of the most popular times for popping the question, we're betting more than a few of you might be sifting through online galleries looking for some sparkly left hand inspiration. From detailed, up close photos to the moment right after a couple says 'I Do,' all of our photographers know exactly when + how to snap that special, showcasing shot of your new bling. We've seen some gorgeous rings and some dazzling diamonds over the past couple of years. Unfortunately we can't include all of those, but we did manage to grab some of our favorite ones for the gallery below. Married or not, it's going to be a swoon fest. And all my single ladies? You might want to "accidentally" leave this open on your bf's computer..



Photos by:

Nathan Westerfield

The Hatches

Whitney Cadavid Photography

Nyk + Cali

Gray Kammera

Alex Thorton

Twila's Photography

The Jar Photography + Film

Teale Photography

Davis Camp

Greg + Jess

John Myers Photography

Julie Paisley Photography

Marc Billingsley

Amilia's Photography

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