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Details :: A Few of Our Favorite Photo Worthy Spaces Around the Property

When it comes to taking the prettiest pictures on our clients wedding days, I feel confident enough to say that we literally work with the best photographers around, hands down. Not only do the photographers that we consistently partner with take the time to capture all of the day-of details, the memorable moments between the bride + groom and all of the in between, but they all also know some of the prettiest places for photos on our property. Without hesitation, most photographers will lead couples, and often times bridal parties, to a few of our favorite areas on the farm: from the dock where the water meets the acres of greenery, on top of one of the many rolling hills surrounding the farm, to the antiqued greenhouse by the bridal suite and beyond. Since before the farm opened for weddings, we knew that the photo opportunities here would be absolutely endless, and now years after our first wedding at Mint Springs Farm, we still believe that to be true. Here are only two of our favorite photo worthy spaces, of the many more highlighted hideaways to come, showcased by some of our favorite, preferred vendor listed photographers..


Hidden Hilltops


Among the Trees

Photos by:

Jessica Loren Photography

Greg + Jess Photography

Amila Photography

Nathan Westerfield

The Hatches

Whitney Cadavid Photography

Teale Photography

Sowing Clover Photography

Nyk + Cali

SheHeWe Photography

John Myers Photography

Twila's Photography

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