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Favorite Photos :: Welcoming Tabletop Designs

As a wedding guest, there is nothing that makes you feel more welcomed and invited quite like cocktails during the ceremony, and an inspiring design on the tabletop of your welcome table into the reception barn. Something about that sounds like it doesn't belong, right? Well when you really stop to think about it, it all makes perfect sense. A cocktail during the ceremony makes you feel more relaxed immediately creates a nonverbal toast to the bride and groom, while the welcome table is instantly the first element that guests see of the reception decor and floral design. Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to write a blog showcasing all of the creative and crafty couples, planners, and floral designers that we're so lucky to work with. Oh, and don't miss one of our favorite details of our whole property: the twig chandelier suspended over the welcome table. It is often camoflagued with floral and greenery, but it always find space to shine on its own. Without spoiling all of the pretty below, here are some of the most envy worthy welcoming tabletop elements of designs from recent + past weddings at Mint Springs Farm...!

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