Details :: 5 Things We've Learned from Celebrity Weddings

Who doesn't love flipping through the gorgeous photos, elaborate decor, and stunning florals? But by looking to the stars, you can also learn how to throw the wedding you've been dreaming about—without their star-sized bank account. Some of these details may surprise you, but they have been proven true time and time again, and they're easily applicable to all of our weddings. Here are five things that we have learned from our star-studded weddings..


1) Keep it simple :: Think of your ceremony as the intimate and your reception as a low-key farm affair. A lot of clients come to us with a huge party already planned in their minds, but more often than not, most couples opt for a reception that feels more like them. Don't feel the pressure to have a huge, Gatsby-style dance party if that just isn't your thing!

2) Consider an unplugged "I Do" ::

We've had celebrity couples ask guests to not snap photos of their own. Now, we don't all have magazines willing to pay us millions for your wedding photos, but the point's still a good one--by asking guests to leave the picture taking to the photographer. By having an unplugged ceremony, your guests will be more in the moment, your dress won't be shared before you're ready, and you won't get tons of pictures with iPhone screens.

3) Emphasize what matters most to you ::

When Tyler Farr married long time girlfriend, Hannah, at the farm last year, he knew that he wanted their ceremony to be memorable and the first dance to be memorable. So naturally he called on one of his friends, oh just Brad Paisley, to perform live for their first dance. Now with that being said, we know that most of our clients aren't going to fly in a famous country singer for their first dance, but it's important to note that he wanted his first dance to be memorable and so that is what he focused on and emphasized on their day of. All of that to say, find a way to incorporate your passions and hobbies into your wedding vibe.

4) Make a weekend out of things ::

When LANCO's Brandon Lancaster married his now wife, Tiffany Trotter, Tiffany was able to spend the day getting pampered with her bridesmaids while reminiscing and spending quality time together. When planning your wedding, don't forget to make the day before special, too--it's the last day of your single life and deserves to be cherished.

5) Enjoy it all::

When it comes to your wedding day, you should enjoy every single second of it. When Thomas Rhett's sister-in-law, Macy married her now husband Tyler, these two had a bridal party that was constantly smiling and laughing all throughout the day. Their laughter continued well into the night and also into Thomas Rhett's toast to the two of them. And hey, isn't having a fun-loving time what your wedding day should be about anyway? We love having fun with all of our couples, and we encourage all of them to sit back, relax, and leave the rest up to us!