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Details :: Our Luxe Lighting Options

Aside from our more permanent lighting fixtures on the farm, from the antiqued crystal chandelier in the open-air ceremony pavilion, the twig inspired chandelier that's suspended above the welcome foyer of the reception barn, to the stunning multi-layer crystal chandelier placed over the dance floor in the reception barn, we offer our clients additional individual styles of luxe lighting fixtures to accompany their decor, floral and the overall design of their day. Lighting is a day-of detail that sets the tone, adds to the ambiance, and instantly creates a lasting impression. Whether you prefer something more glamorous, something more rustic, or even something more industrial we have a lighting collection sure to impress you + your wedding guests. Selecting the right lighting is important because it aids in creating an inviting space for guests that warmly welcomes them inside, greets them when they gather around the farm tables for a meal, and even encourages them to dance as the sunset fades into the evening hours. Often understated but never regarded as unimportant, lighting is one of our favorite features on the farm. We have detailed a few of our favorite, stylish selections for you in the short descriptions + the pretty pictures below...!

I. Crystal Chandeliers

These crystal chandeliers haven't been around since the farm opened but if we could rewrite history then they would of been a part of our inventory since day one! These crafted light fixtures add a classy touch with the obvious attention to detail, and also an antiqued touch to any decor style thanks in part to the traditional, Victorian era edge of each piece. Gorgeous by themselves and even better when you line them on each side of the reception barn. You can't go wrong with this seriously stunning chandelier because this is one light fixture that will never go out of style!

II. Wooden Chandeliers

Here's the idyllic light fixture to add a rustic and romantic vibe to the air! These simply sweet chandeliers can be filled with hanging greenery or left as mini spotlights in their own natural design. Reminiscent of the farm meets industrial era with the rusted coloring and black candelabra accents, these faux rusted fixtures in addition to satin draping are sure to make your guests swoon. These pretty lights will fill the reception barn with warm lighting and rustic romance!

III. Edison Bulbs

A personal favorite of mine, this is a spin on an old classic! Well a spin on the oldest light ever created: the Edison bulb. Familiar to most but styled in such a way that most guests view them as almost a work of art. You can use these bulbs to create more of an installment style piece, or if you'd prefer we can drape our market street lighting back and forth over top the farm tables to create a sense of community. Popularly styled as suspended overhead with overflowing greenery, this is an organic meets industrial element that adds a hip edge to any event!

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