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Details :: Five Festive Ideas for your Winter Wedding

Falling snowflakes, snow-dusted trees, white hilltops and wintry details at Mint Springs Farm set a picturesque scene unlike any other. After all, the cooler weather calls for all things cozy and warm like gathering your guests by the fire, enjoying a cup of hot cocoa, warming up with your favorite comfort foods, and cocktails by the candlelight. Of course, the frosty weather also adds a festive feeling to the farm air in elements like the rolls of hay for rustic styled seating and warmth, fresh handpicked winter floral, and locally chopped firewood. If you’re having a winter wedding, capture the best parts of the season for you and your guests in your overall design, festive decor, yummy foods and drinks, and must-have accessories to keep you warm. Keep it cozy with our favorite five chilly + chic ideas below..

1. Comfort Food :: Treat your friends and family to a spread of crowd-pleasing comfort foods. It’s becoming more and more common for catering companies to offer casual menus items in lieu of traditional hors d’oeuvres, making it easy for you to pick out a few bite-sized foods for snacking. To match the cozy feel of the season, we’ve also noticed a few couples choosing to have a s’mores station for our outdoor fire pit!

2. Fire Pit :: Guests can gather by the fire on our open-air cocktail patio for conversation, cocktails and since there's love in the air then cuddling by the fire is totally acceptable! With the string lighting draped overhead, extending from the barn over the fire pit, it also serves as a sweet place for our Newlyweds to take a few photos!

3. Warm Wear :: Stay warm, while also staying stylish! Whether you opt for a faux fur wrap, a pretty shawl or even your new hubby's suit jacket, all of those options are the must-have accessory for any Bride getting married when the temperature turns down. See some of our favorite warm wear ideas in the photos below..!

4. Lighting :: Lighting is important at any wedding, but especially so in the fall and winter months when the nights draws in early and days can be overcast. In exactly the same way the right lighting can transform a room at home, it can do the same to your wedding – ceremony and reception. For a cold weather wedding, lighting should be soft, warm and romantic; enveloping your guests and adding to the ambience of your celebrations. Aside from the multiple chandeliers that add light and sparkle in our ceremony pavilion and reception barn, we also use lanterns and candlelight to add romance and drama to enhance the ambiance.

5. Festive Floral :: 'Tis the season for red and green, but don't let that alter your floral design decision. Some clients have embraced the winter white trend, while others have opted for deep, moody tones such as burgundy hues and shades of hunter greens. Adding in floral accents such as fresh and festive berries, sweet smelling pines and seasonal hand picked selections will turn your winter bridal bouquet from drab to fab!

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