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Design :: Crafting Your Color Palette

When it comes to selecting colors for your wedding day, the choices can be overwhelming, and nowadays our color choices extend over the infamous "Roy G Biv" rainbow. Between the perfect Pinterest posts and constant obsession with our Instagram feed, it's easy for recently engaged couples to be confused on the do's + dont's of color palettes. Often times couples are left feeling like their wedding day will be colorless if they don't make a decision. Sometimes opting for outside inspiration can be more helpful than harmful, but before jumping online or browsing through bridal magazines, ask yourselves: what are our favorite colors? If your equally combined color choices are too clashy, then find a place to compromise. However, if talking through this design decision doesn't lead to making any concrete choices, then we suggest starting with a neutral color scheme and navigating the rest of your palette from there. Let your love for one another, your favorite hobbies and activities, your floral, your bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits guide your contemplating color wheel. Plus, we're here to help with some photos from our favorite past color palettes, and we've even sprinkled in some of our tried + true tips to help you decide and start designing your day!..

Compliment Your Surroundings ::

Often times when couples are having a hard time selecting a color palette, we ask them to reflect on why they want to get married at Mint Springs Farm? It could be the natural backdrop and beauty of the property, the experience that our team provides, the sunset behind the hills, the crafted details and reclaimed pieces that drew you here. When you're able to answer why, you might be able to aid in your search for the perfect palette. If you love the rolling hills of the property, then maybe a neutral palette with greenery would be ideal for your design. Or if you really love how the lake reflects off of the white washed bridal suite, then maybe a palette of blue hues and textured design would be best suited for your wedding decor. One of the beneficial aspects of our ceremony pavilion and reception barn is that they're both very versatile to any type of design and decor. From dressed up with golden details and dramatic draping, to a more modern approach with minimal linens and sleek centerpieces, our venue was crafted to fit every couples style.

Keep It Simple ::

With a few exceptions you should pick two to four colors that go well altogether and stick to them. Using the same colors throughout your wedding décor will help create a cohesive flow, so every detail looks like it belongs. Narrowing your palette to a few colors will also keep elements like your centerpieces from looking too messy. If you prefer an undone look, opt for a few slightly varied shades of the same color. This will add depth without looking too chaotic. Or, for an especially striking style, go monochromatic with a bold shade, like vivid copper or creamy white. The idea is to keep the look tailored for maximum impact.

Avoid Fads ::

It's easy to get carried away with ideas you see in other weddings, or on Pinterest and Instagram, but just because you love a fresh and unexpected idea on paper doesn't mean it's the right choice for your wedding. Your palette should be one that you won't mind living with for a long time, since you'll be framing photos and filling albums with those colors. Say you always want to be on the cutting edge of in-vogue trends, but copper is the current hot hue and you've never been a fan of metallics—don't force it. There's no need to go all out with copper table runners, centerpiece vases, jewelry and rentals. Instead, serve a fun signature cocktail in copper mugs or have the groomsmen rock understated copper tie bars. Think about the colors and patterns you surround yourself with daily. Ask yourself: What colors make you happy? What color is your favorite room or sweater? The simplest meaningful objects, like a family heirloom or even a piece of jewelry, inspired some of the prettiest weddings we've seen.

Past Color Palette Examples :: Black + White | Neutral Hues

Burgundy, Sage, Dusty Rose, Midnight Blue

Copper + Soft Blush

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