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Soft Floral for a Stylish Summer Soirée

Soft summer floral style is all about the right blooms + settling on the right amount of bright and bold trends to enhance the subtle vibrant details of the season. From an effortless bohemian style that is every bit natural and organic, to hues that are hand selected straight from our garden. There's something about fresh flowers + sweet scents that can make summertime feel more like a garden party soirée and less like the sweaty mess that it can be. Here are a few of our favorite soft and seasonal floral features straight from past celebrations at the farm..

Floral design can enhance your day's elegance, whimsical nature, and romantic ambiance. Picture soft pastels, chantilly lace details, floating candelabras, chandeliers, delicate blooms, and airy bouquets. A basis for a seasonal color palette should consist of natural greens, paired with dusty pastels, soft subtle pops of color, and ombré petal hues. Recent brides have been inspired by organic elements to play up the natural beauty of our venue, while bridesmaids carry free-form bouquets, accented with pastel peonies, clematis, dahlias, and handfuls of greenery.

Floral design is only one of the details included in your full service wedding package! To learn more about our all of our services included, please contact us today!

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